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Fertilizer 21-0-0
Bonhard Landscape finds
this to be the very best
fertilizer for all grasses
From bermuda to Zoysia.
Darkens the color and
produces a thick desirable
growth not tall and stringy.
50lb. Bag $ 21.99 coverage
approx. 5000 sq.ft
Turf & Ornamental
Weed & Grass Stopper
Formulation: Dimension®
Provides superior control of crabgrass and
many other annual
grass and broadleaf weeds in ornamental
landscape areas,
established lawns and ornamental turf. Can be
applied up to
4 weeks later than other preemergence
Application Rates: Consult label for turf and
landscape area application rates.

Covers 15.000 sq feet

For a limited time we will deliver
either or both of these products
for free to the Dallas Ft Worth
Texas Area.!