Welcome to Bonhard
While we love the challenges of landscaping there is always the day to day work which is necessary.  We take great care in this effort to
make sure that your property reflects that care.  Here are a few of my clients who have entrusted their property to us for years.  If you are
in North Dallas and require quality service like this, give us a ring.  
If you would like your yard to look like
this, call us, we can help!
The pictures below were taken in mid November. We planted this home in April. The red Encore Autumn Empress were in bloom then also
in August and now in November.

If you, our customer want a good evergreen shrub that blooms three times a year the Encore azalea would be a great choice. They are
also very tolerant of full sun, as long as they get a little extra water during high heat periods.

They range in color from white, pink, rose, coral, and red. We enjoy the fact that the plants will not grow larger than designed. Some
colors grow to 2’1/2 x 3’ wide many grow to 3’x3’. Some will get to 4’1/2-5’x5’wide.