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Seasonal Promotions
We have many other
varieties, contact us to
find out more details.
Free delivery for 30 or
more flats in the Dallas
Texas Area.  
We also have Color Star
All PANSY FLATS $13.50
1 Gallon Kale and Cabbage $4.75
4'  Delta Beaconsfield Pansies $ 13.50 flat
4" Crown Cream  $13.50 flat
4" Crown Golden Pansies $ 13.25 flat
4 Cyclamen Very Full Plants
4"Delta Premium Pure White Pansies $ 13.25 flat
4"Dusty Miller $ 13.25  Flat.
4" Primrose Mixed colors $ 4.25
6" Cyclamen $ 13.50 ea
Colossus White Bloch
Colossus Yellow Bloch Pansies
Delta Apricot ( orange) Pansies
Delta Pure Rose PANSY
Kale and Cabbage $15.50
Pansy Delta Lavender Blue Shades
Viola Flats $ 15.50
Red Kale
White Kale
Attention Home Owner Oganizations

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killers,and their bedding plant needs.
Winter is now, now is the time to plan for spring!
Send pictures to us now so you will be ready to make
those landscapes come to life!  This is the time for
Dimension pre-emergent herbicide.
You have to
stop those weeds before they are a
problem. Start fertilizer in March. Buy now so when
ever the weather warms you will be ready.
Remember the 21-0-0 is the choice of many

Special promotion; take an additional 10% off on  
fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide for Home Owner